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Leander - 5-in-1 Crib

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Enjoy the moment while the child is a new little person because they grow up so quickly.

The Leander crib changes with the child and follows the child's development; from the baby age to the junior age.

The crib is five pieces of furniture in one design. It is built in parts that are assembled so the bed always suits the child's age and needs. You get all parts when you purchase the crib. The round, soft forms make the Leander crib a wonderful piece of furniture to use. 

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  • The crib is five pieces of furniture in one complete design
  • The crib changes form and size according to the child's needs and age
  • The cot 70 x 120 cm - junior bed 70 x 150 cm
  • The bed is manufactured of moulded European beech
  • Surface treated with water-based lacquer
The Concept

The Leander crib follows the child so he or she does not experience those changes in the environment that can seem insecure in the world of a little child. The bed is constantly the same and can be adapted to the child's stage in life.

Includes: crib, toddler bed conversion kit and mattress extension.

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