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Peapod Creations - Cuddly Wrap

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Be Active with Ease - The CuddlyWrap™ wraps you and your baby together in soft, secure, 100% certified organic cotton. The strength is in the continuous length of fabric and the security is in the way the CuddlyWrap™ is tied. Multiple positions and hands free movement makes day to day activities easier. You can feed your baby without removing the CuddlyWrap™. Even when your baby is removed, you can continue wearing it until the next time it's needed; it wears like a piece of clothing. Detailed instructional DVD and manual in English, French, and Spanish.

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Babies love and need to be held. Carrying your baby in theCuddlyWrap™ promotes health and optimal development.
Here are a few reasons why your baby is going to love time spent in the comfort of the CuddlyWrap™:
  • baby is more relaxed and content; feels secure and therefore cries less
  • enhances motor skills and coordination by stimulating baby's sense of balance
  • promotes a quiet, alert state and energizes baby's nervous system
  • stimulates baby's brain development and cognitive learning
  • helps baby settle into sleep more quickly
  • carried babies often sleep more deeply and for longer periods of time.
  • detailed instructional DVD and manual in English, French, and Spanish.
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