4 Tips to Survive Daylight Savings with Children

The words Daylight Savings are curse words for moms and are as fully loaded as  “Time Change” and “Fall Back”. Two times a year, we feel the need to mess with the sleep schedules that we obsess over the rest of the year working to perfect so that mommies can have alone time, or clean up time, or even a glass of mommy juice, no judgment!

I’m originally from Saskatchewan myself, one of the few places in the world next to Hawaii that does not observe daylight savings. Our reason was it affected the farmers, they needed all the daylight they could get when tending to the crops. Once I moved to Vancouver, my biggest complaint was that I had to plan phoning home a lot better because in the winter months, home was 2 hrs behind! As soon as I began to get accustomed to the change…I had children, and now daylight savings makes me want to have a glass of mommy juice.

It was all kinds of messy the first few years with my oldest but I feel like after almost 7 years of daylight savings with one child I am much better prepared with baby no.2 for a successful and much quicker transition. Here are my top 4 tips for surviving

Gro Clock Daylight Savings
Gro Clock Daylight Savings
  1. Routine, make sure you got one, even if it’s loose, be sure you have some type of consistency in your “triggers” for bed time. Bath, Book, Songs, Bed, not necessarily in that order.
  2. Start turning the clock backwards or forwards by 15 minutes everyday for the week leading up to the big day.
  3. Patience and Team-work, all hands on deck for Daylight savings time! Make this week all about family, do things together, simple things to calm down for bed time, maybe it’s a quiet book together, bedtime stretches, or a nature show
  4. Sound machines, GRO Anywhere Blinds and a GRO CLOCK.


You can thank me later! Good Luck Mama’s and remember if all else fails.. grab a glass of mommy juice, a hot bath and ear plugs!


Written by: Janette Shearer of Vancity Mommy D

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