Baby It’s Cold Outside!

With the Cold weather moving in, the first thought for all parents is Cold and Flu Season, especially if you have multiple littles in your home! It seems that with each passing year that colds are becoming more and more lethal and harder to kick. If you have school aged children, you will know this for a fact! Cold Season can last weeks and weeks with multiple kids in the house so now’s the time to prepare for it by winterizing your baby.  These 5 products are high on our favorite winter must have baby lists to hopefully stop the colds and flu’s  before they have the chance to call an all out WAR on your family!

How do you prepare for Winter with littles? Bundle them up!  Letting the heat escape is when chills take over and invite the bugs to come play with your baby.


  • zoestrollerOld wives Tales will tell us that we lose most of our heat through our head and whether true or not, does it hurt to wear a toque? Absolutely not and when they are as cute as the Blueberry Hill hats how on earth do you say no?! We’ve been eyeing up the bunny toque but that little cupcake one is pretty adorable too.


  • JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me  in the stroller saved my butt with Ava as she despised having anything on her feet during the winter so this was high up on our MUST HAVE list for Zoe. It truly is one of the smartest and most important invention to get you through the cold winter walks and this is why I bought it in two sizes!


  • Also keep in mind that not all products are universal and sometimes you have to buy the accessories that fit your stroller. For you mama’s rocking the Bugaboo Stroller, they have an entire Wool collection to keep your little all snug in a bug  (blanket, seat liner and mattress cover). I have a few mama friends who swear by it and don’t know what they would have done with out them during the cold winters!


  • A little local love for a West Coast company that I recently learned about is Stonz Mittz and Booties. If you’re one of the lucky moms with kids that will wear footwear this incredible product coming out of the west coast, will save their little toes.  If you’ve never seen these Booties they are meant to wear over bare feet, socks, slippers or shoes, throughout fall, winter and spring! The Booties go on easily, stay on with two adjustable toggles, and keep wind and cold out. Comprised of a water and wind-resistant 600D nylon upper, inner fleece lining and skid-resistant Toughtek® soles for all types of outdoor play. For colder weather, layer up with a pair of the Sherpa-fleece Linerz.


  • Speaking of West Coast, we have all experienced a drop of rain or two out here in Vancouver and so waterproof, water resistant, or just ANYTHING to keep the rain out are essential. Nothing is worse than being wet so we bought the 7AM Enfant 212 Evolution for a new mama friend of mine who is quite outdoorsy and needed something that wouldn’t slow her down when the rain sets in.  Adaptable to fit most brands and extends to fit your child until preschool age.  Did I mention thermal filling and waterproof shell?
Blankets work just as well, but the same way you think you’re ok not purchasing the fan today on a not so hot day and then a heat wave rolls in and every store is sold out of fans! You don’t want to be caught in a jam when your babies feet get going and the shoes go flying and you can’t keep a blanket on to save their life. Trust me I’ve been there, 5 different stores later I finally found the size I needed for my JJ Cole Urban Bundle.
Remember friends, it all runs down stream so if your babies get sick, it’s only a matter of time before someone else in the family gets sick! If we are proactive in preparing for winter, hopefully we can avoid the cold and flu all together because well, there is nothing worse than a man flu!manflu

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