It’s An All Out War!

Cold and Flu season has begun, the line in the snow has been drawn and it’s here folks. The Cold and Flu has rounded up its troops and declared an all out war on the family!  We’ve all been at battle with a cold or flu and most times, it’s not until you’re ugly crying on the bathroom floor, you’ve hit rock bottom, and your nose is so red you’d give Rudolph a run for his money, that you admit defeat!

Well at this point, I can almost guarantee that it didn’t start at you, you’re on the receiving end of a contagious disgusting cold or flu that has grown in size and momentum with each member of the family that it has been so generously shared with.

Our ever so kind and generous oldest daughter who since being back at school is like a walking germ factory brought the last round of colds that cycled through the family home. Funny how we cannot get her to share a toy but a cold.. sure no problem!

I line up my troops and at the helm of the battle is my nearest and dearest Neti Pot, I swear by it but unfortunately I cannot use it on my children. Ava sputters and coughs and chokes as if she were that old clunker in the farmyard driving its last few miles with anything that goes near her nose and that includes Kleenex. How can you effectively align your troops for a swift and winning battle?


  1. Zoe laid out from the Flu
    Zoe laid out from the Flu

    For the onset of a cold or flu you want to start off small, send in the Archers also known as your Humidifiers, we use the Crane Humidifier, which quietly releases a cool mist to help ease coughing or congestions or  to simply add moisture to a child’s room. This is crucial for a positive beginning in the stages of battle

  2. Next we send in Horsemen for battle, in modern day terms we call this the Dimpleskins sniffles this is a 100% natural aromatherapy balm. Simply apply Sniffles to your child’s neck, chest, back, under the nose and soles of the feet as needed.
  3. Now, we might quickly there after start to start to send in the Soldiers for the dread sniffles that are starting to gain momentum, which is our favorite Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Breathe Easy Wipes which are so gentle and easy on the nose, not going to lie I use them myself! I am a frequent nose blower once the sniffles kick in! I can still hear my mother yelling “BLOW YOUR NOSE!!!”
  4. Our last call of attack is the big guy! He’s the everything, that last resort! This bad boy will assist in the demise of this of battle. Welcome the Nose Frida– The grossest and best invention ever! As often as I can hear my mother yelling “BLOW YOUR NOSE” I hear it when my baby is suffering from rattling boogers and cannot blow her nose.   We’ve all seen those awful nasal aspirators you stick in the babies nose, well those hurt especially when baby is ripping her head away to avoid it.  This product forms a seal with the outside of the baby’s nostril (creating a vacuum). Parent-powered (mouth) suction is much stronger and more effective than the static suction of the bulb or battery-powered aspirators.  NoseFrida is also easy to clean


Those 4 items alone in the harsh battles of colds and flu’s are enough to knock that cold dead but, in all seriousness, sometimes we do need to take harsher measures for the worst of the worst so please make sure you consult your doctor before use of certain products on your child. The health nurse hotline is always a good place to start to ease your mind and ask questions.  Worse comes to worse nothing like good Hot Toddy at the end of the day.. for YOU not the baby!!

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