The Halo Bassinest: Saving you one night’s sleep at a time!

When I first brought my son (now nine) home from the hospital at less than one day old I could not imagine having him all the way down the hall from me at night. He was barely out of my uterus; how could he be 25 ft from me?! I purchased a typical bassinet to have in my room but instead of having a relaxing sleep where I could gaze longingly at my son in a cozy cot beside me I was constantly pulling up my sore body to peer over the high sides and make sure he was still in there. It was an up and down battle for 2 months before I finally gave in and resigned to walk down the hall.

In 2014, Halo introduced the Bassinest Swivel Sleeper. They did it! They came up with the bassinet that every new mother wished they had when they were so exhausted they couldn’t sit up one more time. The Bassinest’s features answer every one of those middle-of-the-night wishes.


The Bassinest has a retractable side that can either be locked in an upward position or can be unlocked for easy access to your newborn without having to get out of bed! Just push down the side bar and reach for your little peanut. And don’t worry about leaving it down because it will retract to its upright position.


Halo has even thought about all of us with big comfy mattresses with the Bassinest by including the option of height-adjustment. Ranging from 22” – 34”, and of course with the ability to swivel 360 degrees, you can ensure that the Bassinest will be at the perfect height for you to fall asleep looking at the new love of your life. The side panel provides a nightlight, soothing sounds and lullabies, a nursing timer and 2 levels of vibration with a 30 minute shut off.
Halo-feature-heightadjustment Halo-feature-swivel Halo-feature-controlpanel



What could be better?! Oh, don’t worry it gets better.

For 2016, Halo has shown us just how much they value Mothers (and Fathers) slumber by adding even more features to the Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Luxe Plus. A floor light and storage caddy as well as the included fitted sheet and mattress pad are all only available with the Luxe edition and they make it worth every penny!Halo-feature-luxenew


The floor light is pure genius. Who wants to end up rocking a crying baby to sleep because you knocked into something in the dark when all you wanted was one last glance before bed? Sleep is gold and anything that helps new Mama’s succeed in resting is magic in my books.


Any product that includes the items that I don’t even know I will need is also key for an absent-minded pregnant person. The importance of a mattress pad only becomes a reality at 4am when you are trying to mop up a mess. You hear “if only” and “why didn’t I” as you scrub away wishing you were in the land of nod. Thankfully the Luxe edition takes care of that by including both a fitted sheet and mattress pad.

Halo. Thank you. Thank you for creating the bassinet that has thought of everything.

I just wish the Bassinest had existed ten years ago!



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