Feeding Time High Chair Reviews

Feeding time with children can be like feeding a cage full of Orangutan’s. Dinnertime can be one of the most stressful, fun, and messiest times in a house. It becomes even more frustrating when you don’t have the proper feeding system for your hangry little orangutan. There are so many options, accessories, and capabilities to consider when finding the right fit for you and with such a wide variety of prices, ranging from $20 to $599+.

With my first child, I don’t remember exactly what we purchased but I remember it was metal like the orangutan cage, probably not very comfortable for my little monkey to spend a longer amount of time in it, however, it was low profile so if we took if the tray, it fit nicely just underneath our table so we pulled her up nice and close and let the orangutan do her damage!

Stokke Tripp Trapp with Accessories
Stokke Tripp Trapp with Accessories

My approach to a high chair the second time around was really laid back and I thought I could totally do second hand and it would work right? WRONG! I purchased a Valco high chair from some other Mom off an online swap group. It was an incredibly sketchy situation, we met at McDonalds, I hastily grabbed it and left. Upon arriving home, it was filthy. I tried my best to take it apart and clean it but there are parts of this high chair that would never come clean again! We tried to make it work but the tray was not adjustable and the material was not cleanable and overall this was the worst high chair I’ve ever seen. We tried the $20 Ikea high chair, which was just as awful. With both chairs, I was cleaning; both the floor surrounding, the high chair itself and Zoe’s clothing after every single meal.

We looked at the Stokke Tripp Trapp, while it’s on the higher end of all the ones I was looking at after factoring in all the add-ons. It has pro’s and con’s but one of the biggest things that I liked about the Tripp Trapp was after you’re done having a high chair, it is a chair that you can use still way beyond 3 years, however for myself, I wasn’t a fan of having to get the coordinating pieces separately!

Phil & Ted Poppy was the next that we looked into because again it was a high chair that would later become a chair but it didn’t come with an adjustable tray. As much as I loved how small it became, how easy it looked to clean, and it adaptable it was, I had still had no adjustable tray for my little monkey.

The Boon high chair was appealing for the sleek seat, which is all one piece meaning no crevices, no cracks, no where for the crumbs to fall but onto the floor for easy clean up. It’s dishwasher friendly and the height can be adjusted to fit any table but no adjustable tray.

Guzzie & Gus Perch is a wonderful idea for a more modern kitchen with bar seating or for small kitchens really looking to save on space. It can attach to almost any table whether at home or on the go. The seat is built for comfort with a high back and soft machine washable fabric but it wouldn’t attach to our table and the distance from the table to my messiest monkeys growling belly was still not adjustable.

OXO Tot Sprout High Chair
OXO Tot Sprout High Chair

OXO Tot Sprout Chair has many wonderful attributes, like the Tripp Trapp, it goes beyond the little years into a chair that fits a 5 year old. With tool free adjustments, all safety considered, comfort and mess free design made this chair a strong contender as well but, no adjustable tray.

I bet right now you’re thinking I’m crazy for putting in all this work just to find a high chair within our price range that has an adjustable tray and I’m positive my husband thought at times that I was in fact losing my mind but when you’re washing the floor 3 times a day and changing outfits 3 times a day, you’d go crazy too! Zoe, much like an orangutan will throw, spit, drop any food that comes into her grasp and so all I knew was that I would search to the end of the world for what I wanted and needed in a high chair.

We finally happened upon the Peg Perego Prima Pappa Zero, trying saying that 3 times fast! It has more bells and whistles than we needed but hey…. the tray adjusts folks! Easy to clean, locking wheels, even the foot-rest part is adjustable, which has made it even harder for that food to fall on the floor! The height of the chair is adjustable and reclines into a comfortable resting position. It has 4 wheels, with the front two locking, moves smoothly across the floor and did I mention the tray is adjustable?

Since getting rid of our dreaded Valco High Chair and even awful Ikea high chair, meal time has gotten to be much more enjoyable, I’m no longer worrying about food falling from her bib to floor. I’ve saved myself plenty of time not having to wash the floors 3 times a day. It’s really easy to clean, the prints are really cute and over-all we couldn’t be happier with our high chair.

Now I can’t change your Orangutan’s eating habits, it can be messy, fun and scary all at the same time but having a high chair that fits your family, is probably one of the biggest blessings for meal times.

Being the WestCoast Kids Blog, I feel it safe to say that all of the above noted high-chairs can be found at your local WestCoast Kids Locations, available prints may vary, you will want to contact your closest store and speak with their knowledgeable staff members for availability.

Zoe in her new Chair
Zoe in her new Chair

Photos’s and Written Post by Janette Shearer of Vancity Mommy D