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Targeting a specific area of concern, GAIA Pure Pregnancy Belly Oil promotes skin elasticity while your belly is stretching to accommodate your growing little one.<\/span><\/p>\r\n

Suitable for all skin types and all ages, it also contains pure organic rosehip - a rich source of vitamins, essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants to rehydrate and rejuvenate skin, especially when dry.<\/span><\/p>\r\n

It\u2019s the perfect blend of organic oils to smooth lines and soften scars, improving the overall appearance of skin and stretchmarks.<\/span><\/p>","image":"\/site_assets\/www.westcoastkids.ca\/images\/dynamic\/gaia-newbellyoil-updated.jpg","store_id":171,"cart_page":"\/qs\/cart.php","display_order":30411,"gift_registry_id":-1,"product_extern_id":"","sku_extern_id":"9448","msrp_price":"17.99","inventory_items":{"1368815":{"id":1368815,"sku":"gaia-pregnancy-bellyoil","price":17.99,"properties":[]}}},"321261":{"category_id":24122,"id":321261,"related_from":321265,"name":"Gaia - Conditioning Detangler","description":"
A handy spray-in conditioner and detangler in one! An all natural hair conditioner\/detangler that is suitable for newborns, babies, toddlers and all the family. You can use GAIA Natural Baby Conditioning Detangler after shampooing on damp hair to condition with no need to rinse so washing hair just got a little less stressful! It can also be used on dry hair when you need a little assistance brushing knots, put hair into a pony tail, taming static and sorting out morning bed hair!

The spray-in formula is extremely gentle on little scalps and soothing for dry, sensitive skin. It's silicone and dimethicone free so won't coat your little one's hair or block their pores and it's enriched with certified organic oils, extracts and strengthening properties to reduce splitting so your little one will have beautiful, shiny hair that is soft and manageable. <\/span>