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The JJ Cole 2-in-1 Mini Mirror allows you to safely keep an eye on your infant while driving. When the car seat is placed in the rear facing position, the 2-in-1 mini mirror allows you to see your child from the rear view mirror more easily. As your child grows, the mirror can be attached to the seat back to entertain a front facing toddler as a mirror or as a mini tablet holder.  The  2 in 1 mirror adjustable straps mean it will fit on most of today\u2019s automobile head rests (up to 32\u201d).  Once you turn your child around, remove the mirror and slide in  your tablet for on the go viewing of their favourite show (fits most 8\u201d tablets).  Also available in a full size option for use with 10\u201d tablets and e-readers.<\/span><\/p><\/div>","image":"\/site_assets\/www.westcoastkids.ca\/images\/dynamic\/jjcole-2in1-minimirror-greycircle.jpg","store_id":171,"cart_page":"\/qs\/cart.php","display_order":33193,"gift_registry_id":-1,"product_extern_id":"","sku_extern_id":"27895","msrp_price":"21.99","inventory_items":{"7487046":{"id":7487046,"sku":"jjcole-2in1-minimirror-greycircle","price":21.99,"properties":{"Pattern":"Grey Circle"}},"12062387":{"id":12062387,"sku":"jjcole-2in1-minimirror-greydrop","price":21.99,"properties":{"Pattern":"Grey Drop"}},"12062388":{"id":12062388,"sku":"jjcole-2in1-minimirror-heathergrey","price":21.99,"properties":{"Pattern":"Heather Grey"}}}}},"status":"Success","count":1}