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The Rustico collection was inspired by old Tuscan furniture and incorporates contemporary lines and harkens to a time gone by when sturdy oak furniture was hand-hewn and lasted a lifetime.  This collection showcases Natart's new brushed finish technique, which was inspired by the natural drift process resulting from years of use.  The brushed finishing process, called 'decape', opens the pores of the oak allowing them to deposit a white patina in its grooves, imparting a mild 'weathered' look.  This unisex collection is accented by an open mortise & tenon detail and is offered in three new finishes - owl, mink, and sugar cane, as well as classic white. <\/span><\/div>","image":"\/site_assets\/www.westcoastkids.ca\/images\/dynamic\/natart-rustico-dbldresser.jpg","store_id":-1,"cart_page":"\/qs\/cart.php","display_order":33245,"gift_registry_id":-1,"product_extern_id":"","sku_extern_id":null,"msrp_price":"0.00","inventory_items":{"-1":{"id":-1,"sku":"","price":0,"properties":[]}}}},"status":"Success","count":1}