Movement & Sound Monitor

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Movement & Sound Monitor

Special Price CA$79.99 Regular Price CA$129.99

This Breathing Movement & Sound Monitor system is both pretty and practical. Slide the breathing Sensor Pad under the crib mattress and its motion detectors will pick up the slightest movements, whether baby is sound asleep or wide awake. You’ll also hear every little sound coming from baby’s room on your portable Parent Unit, like music to your ears. The Unit features a full color digital display, nursery temperature display and other extras designed to give you the peace of mind you need to get a good night’s sleep too..


  • Movement Sensor Pad
    • Wired Movement Sensor Pad & Alarm
    • Adjustable Movement Sensor Pad Sensitivity
    • TIC Movement Function
  • Parent Unit
    • Voice-Activated Sound Transmission
    • Full Colour LCD Display
    • Temperature Control/Alarm on Parent Unit
    • Volume Control
    • Vibration Alarm
    • Low Battery Alarm on Parent Unit
  • Nursery Unit
    • Night Light
    • Mains Power
More Information
Supplier Code AC403-1PU
  • Digital or Analogue Transmission: Analogue
  • No. of channels: 8
  • Frequency: 927mhz
  • Range (up to - open field): 656ft
  • Out of Range Indicator: Yes
  • Movement Sensor Pad & Alarm: Wired
  • Adjustable Movement Sensor Pad Sensitivity: Yes
  • TIC Movement Function: Yes
  • Voice-Activated Sound Transmission: Yes
  • Full Colour LCD Display: Yes
  • Volume Control: Yes
  • Vibration Alarm: Yes
  • Parent Unit Batteries (included): 3 x AAA Rechargeable Batteries
  • Low Battery Alarm on Parent Unit: Yes
  • Parent Unit Battery Life (Sleep Mode): 15 Hours
  • Night Light: Yes
  • Mains Power: Yes
  • Camera Unit/Nursery Unit Batteries (not included): 4 x AAA

*Note: The Sensor Pad can be used with a regulatory standard baby mattress, whatever the size or thickness. However, it is no recommended to be used with a memory foam mattress, a dual sided, a mattress with a hollow frame or a Purflo mattress.

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