Bouncer Mini (Cotton)

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Please welcome the newest addition to the Baby Bjorn family - Bouncer Mini; a bouncer that understands newborns and young babies. Mini likes playtime and is good for taking naps. Mini loves to comfort and make little babies happy. Take Mini home to meet your little one.A newborn essential, Baby Bjorn's Bouncer Mini safely cradles your baby in the early days at home, provides proper support to a baby's neck and back, natural rocking and no batteries required. Designed for newborns and young babies up to 6 months. Features
  • Bouncer Mini is a reassuringly safe place to lay your newborn. It provides invaluable help in the early days at home.
  • Powered by babies: Bouncing is great fun and a natural way for your baby to learn to soothe themselves and to train motor skills and balance. 
  • No batteries required.
  • Provides proper support for newborns
  • Proper neck and back support is important for newborns as their muscles are not yet fully developed. 
  • The Bouncer Mini offers this comfortable and vital support for baby. 
  • Two positions
  • A bouncer that's perfect for both playing and resting. Conveniently select the position that suits your baby best.
  • Washable fabric: Dribble, spit-up and diaper leaks are only to be expected in the early days. Easily removable and washable fabrics are a parent's best friend.
  • Easy to move around: You naturally want your baby with you all the time. Bouncer Mini is easy and convenient to move around your home so you can always keep baby close.
  • Can be taken apart: easily detach the bouncer's legs and store flat when it's not in use or for storage. 
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