Baby Bottle Brain SF4 (240ml)

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Baby Bottle Brain SF4 (240ml)

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"Make the ideal feeding posture possible" - this is what the curve on Dr. Betta baby bottle is for. It was developed focusing on the difference in incidence of sicknesses for breastfed babies versus bottle-fed babies. All the pediatricians involved in their product development estimate that "70% of sicknesses that children experience in their first few years of life is caused by a lying-flat feeding posture".

Brain Series bottle comes with a chewy nipple that promotes mastication. It was studied and developed with midwives, and created with the earnest hopes that even newborns acquire the positive effects of chewing and masticating like being breastfed. This nipple which is also recommended by dentists also plays an important role in the growth of your baby's teeth. The hoods come in cute heart shapes.


  • A nipple to promote strong mastication: This nipple has a hard shape to promote a vigorous mastication, just like mommy’s nipples. It is said that baby’s brain get solicited while feeding. This nipple’s property is to release milk only if strongly bitten and chewed.
  • Any sterilization method is alright: letting you choose the sterilization method that best fits your lifestyle is important! This is why the high temperature resistant PPSU plastic was made. The best friend for all the mums and dads busy with a freshly born baby! Boiling water sterilization, chemical sterilization & microwave sterilization. The nipple, cap and hood are resistant up to 120℃
  • The bottle gets its own Heart-Pin: Taking proper care of a silicon made nipple is an everyday chore. Fortunately the featured Heart-Pin is perfect to clean the hole and air valve of the nipple. The Heart-Pin is assorted for your enjoyment!
  • Light and Easy to handle: Going out with a baby usually means a lot to carry. This ultra-light plastic bottle takes all that pain away.
  • Easy to handle for new mum and dad: Plastic is light, but PPSU is also stronger! This makes it a high quality bottle fitted for any feeding at any place.
  • Strong, resistant, handy! A PPSU bottle is extremely resistant to shocks: outings become safer!
  • A high quality plastic material: This PPSU is resistant to high temperatures and shocks. Add transparency to this, and you get the perfect plastic. The bottle itself can resist up to 180℃, making it a strong, rare and popular material often used for medical equipment. All its performance results will bring you safety: this new material is the Betta way.
  • The Brain Nipple promotes mastication: the baby's jaws chew in a motion that makes the milk come out, exactly like a mothers nipples. The similarity with a real nipple promotes the development of the jaw and teeth.
  • A handmade plastic baby bottle: Dr. Betta Baby Bottles are all made in Japan. These PPSU bottles are manufactured by experienced craftsmen in Japan, with plastic materials originated from the country.
  • Very rarely, some little black spots may appear on the surface of a PPSU plastic baby bottle. These are the result of the raw materials merged during the manufacturing process, and are by no means hazardous or unsanitary residues. Consider it as normal during use.
  • Brain nipple (cross cut)
  • Cap: Polypropylene
  • Nipple: silicone
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