Baby Bottle Jewel S3 (120ml)

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Baby Bottle Jewel S3 (120ml)

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"Make the ideal feeding posture possible" - this is what the curve on Dr. Betta baby bottle is for. It was developed focusing on the difference in incidence of sicknesses for breastfed babies versus bottle-fed babies. All the pediatricians involved in their product development estimate that "70% of sicknesses that children experience in their first few years of life is caused by a lying-flat feeding posture".

Jewel Series bottle comes with the standard nipple designed with ease of drinking in mind. The hood is embellished with a diamond-like cut, designed with the hope that your baby will keep shining like a jewel.


  • A nipple to promote strong mastication: This nipple has a hard shape to promote a vigorous mastication, just like mommy’s nipples. It is said that baby’s brain get solicited while feeding. This nipple’s property is to release milk only if strongly bitten and chewed.
  • The bottle gets its own Heart-Pin: Taking proper care of a silicon made nipple is an everyday chore. Fortunately the featured Heart-Pin is perfect to clean the hole and air valve of the nipple. The Heart-Pin is assorted for your enjoyment!
  • Hard to scratch, 120℃ resistant
  • Jewel bottles all come with a standard nipple: developed with the help of mothers, they are very simple and easy to use, ideal for starting babies who have not used bottles yet. More slippery and supple than brain nipples, they are recommended for parents aiming at simplicity or trying to learn bottle-feeding. The width of the tip hole, the texture of its silicone, the valve is easy to open.
  • Handmade bottle made by glass craftsman
  • Material bottle: Heat-resistant glass
  • Nipple neck standard nipple (round hole): A small and round hole on the tip of the nipple so that the milk naturally flows out when the bottle is tilted: a few drops of milk on baby's tongue are perfect to motivate a chewing motion. Ideal for newborns or babies slower at sucking.
  • Cap: Polypropylene
  • Nipple: silicone
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  1. Pricy but worth it !
    This bottle comes second on my favorite product
    Easy to fill help us to give a great position during the feeding
    Bit pricy but different

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