Bee5 - Mammoth Bag (Core)

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Bee5 - Mammoth Bag (Core)

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Add an enormous amount of storage to your Bugaboo Bee. The Bugaboo Bee Mammoth Bag is a great big bag that attaches to your Bugaboo Bee when it is used with the seat facing forward. It allows you to carry up to 8kg (17lbs) of extra luggage without overloading your stroller. The bag straps onto the chassis of your stroller and hangs neatly out of your way — no more bulky carriers dangling from your handlebar and bumping into your legs while you walk. The ingenious grab & go system means you can easily unstrap it and carry it, pop it on a table or countertop, then reattach it to your stroller.


  • The main compartment provides up to 8kg/17 lbs of extra storage
  • Attachment straps securely fasten the bag to your stroller
  • Keychain holder and inner pocket for secure storage
  • Insulated outer fabric and wipe-clean lining
  • Magnetic buttons give you easy access and keep the carry handles neat and tidy
  • The bag can only be used in combination with the seat when it's facing forward
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