Brain Bottle Nipple (2 Pk)

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Brain Bottle Nipple (2 Pk)

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"Brain nipple" born from midwife's experience. Nature is wonderful: Milk begins to drop from a mothers nipples when baby starts to cry. Nipples also slightly extend and change shape to fit baby's mouth, but milk will not flow naturally if baby does not start sucking on them. Brain bottles come with brain nipples shaped sturdy like a mothers nipple. Created with midwives, this nipple promotes mastication: indeed, dentist know the positive effects of a chewing motion notably for the brain, thus the brain nipple becomes a favourite of parents willing to participate in their child development.


  • A nipple to feed, a nipple to chew. Promotes mastication: the babys jaw chew in a motion that makes the milk come out, exactly like a mothers nipples.
  • A stretchy teat like a real nipple. The similarity with a real nipple promotes the development of the jaw and the teeth, known for extended benefits: increase of saliva and thus appetite, extended us
  • Round hole: A small and round hole on the tip of the nipple so that the milk naturally flows out when the bottle is tilted. A few drops of milk on baby's tongue are perfect to motivate a chewing motion. A nipple ideal for newborns or babies slower at suckling.
  • A little x-shaped incision on the tip of the nipple prevents the milk from dripping: your baby has to adjust suckling power and chewing motion in order to feed. Ideal for order or stronger babies, often too fast at feeding. The objective is to allow babies to regulate the milk flow themselves and learn to feed at their own pace.
  • 3 Sterilization methods: Boiling water, microwave or chemical disinfectant.
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