Welcome to the WCK Box. Each limited edition WCK Box contains a selection of the most sought-after essential items parents need during milestone moments in their parenting journey. Hand-picked by a team of WCK’s expert mamas; each box is built around the moments in which we know you’ll want a friendly hand. These Box includes essentials for you and baby, from things to keep them comfortable to absolute life savers. It’s a must-have.


Mom & Newborn

What’s in the Box is always a special surprise! This is the Box you want if you’re looking to make the moments after baby gets home as easy as possible. The Mom + Newborn Box contains upwards of 20 full size items at a retail total of over $460 for only $249.99! Plus, this time we have an extra special item from Knix! Make sure to know your size because this is a hot item you will NOT want to miss! Once the Box sells out we’ll reveal the rest of its contents.


Teething + Feeding Box

Introducing the Teething + Feeding Box! We’re so excited for this one and we’re thrilled to support your next big step on the parenting journey. What’s inside is, as always, a surprise, but we can say you’ll find 20+ items to keep them comfortable, soothed, and ready to face the day. Get this special NEW Teething + Feeding Box with a retail value of nearly $400 for only $199.99! Once the Box Sells out we’ll reveal its contents. Suitable for 3 months+


More is More

The savings continue! Inside the WCK Box you'll find codes for EXCLUSIVE not to be missed offers from our WCK Box partners. As a BONUS one of each version of the WCK Box will contain a Golden Ticket. It’s a little something extra to help make this special time even sweeter.

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