Breathing Wear Swaddle

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Breathing Wear Swaddle


The Nanit Swaddle works exclusively with the Nanit Plus nursery camera, to monitor your baby’s breathing motion with no sensors on their body or in their crib. Nanit Plus is able to track breathing motion by reading subtle movements in the fabric’s custom pattern, and alert you if your baby needs you. Plus, the Swaddle is snug, soft and comfy, to help them sleep soundly.


  • Peaceful sleep at your fingertips: Feel more confident when leaving your baby in the crib each night, so you can get some sleep yourself. With Breathing Wear, the Nanit Plus camera tracks your baby’s breathing motion, and lets you know when they need you.
  • Better sleep for baby: Swaddles prevent babies from waking themselves up with their startle reflex.
  • All night comfort: Swaddles have a therapeutic effect that helps calm colicky babies.
  • Safe and sound: The AAP recommends swaddling to ensure babies sleep on their backs through the night.
  • Warm and cozy: Swaddles help babies maintain an optimal temperature throughout the night.
  • Real time tracking - no electronics necessary: The Nanit Plus camera reads the custom-designed pattern on Nanit Breathing Wear to detect your baby’s breathing motion. Plus, it’s soft, safe, and simple.
  • Always know when they need you: With Breathing Wear, you’ll see your baby’s breathing motion right in your Nanit app. Should they ever need your attention, you’ll receive alerts on both your phone and your camera.
  • Machine Washable
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Size Small fits 0-3 months / 6-15 lbs / 2.7-6.8 kg
  • Size Large fits 3-6 months / 13-20 lbs / 5.9 - 9.1kg
  • No batteries necessary
  • Works exclusively with the Nanit Plus Nursery Camera
  • Size Small Dimensions: 10" H × 0.25" W × 21" L
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  1. Nanit breathe swaddle
    We used the smaller nanit swaddle when babe was a newborn, now that he is 3 months old he doesn’t like it. It doesn’t swaddle him tightly and I think thats what keeps him awake. I still use it for naps and enjoy the respiratory rate feature!

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