Bunny Big Doll

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Bunny Big Doll

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About Hannah

My Birthday is July 10th! My favourite quote is "You are my sunshine". I’m always hopping from one big dream to another. There’s so much I want to accomplish in this beautiful world, and I know I can do it if I don’t give up. Let’s pick daisies together in the sun, lie in the tall grass and imagine how far we’ll go. Let’s live our dreams!

About Henry

My Birthday is August 5th! My favourite quote is "Born to be kind". I‘m a carrot connoisseur and love munching on them wherever I go. Would you like to share? They’re super delicious! I love hopping as fast as I can and working with my paws all day. Let’s be best friends, grow things together in the soil and sun and share with everyone!


  • Hand knit with premium 100% cotton yarn
  • High stitch count for durability and softness
  • Premium felt and knit details
  • Stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill to be the ideal cuddle weight
  • Safe + non-toxic: US + Canadian safety standard certified
  • 20" in height
  • Signature 10 meal wristband
  • 1 doll provides 10 meals to children in North America and around the world!

Note: Price includes one 20" doll.

Handmade in Peru using sustainable, fair trade practices

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