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The Nomi Chair is designed for children approximately 24 months +, who have developed the ability to climb in and out of the chair on their own, and can sit safely unrestrained.

The cure for fidgeting! When sitting on either a booster seat or an adult chair with dangling feet, children get fidgety and uncomfortable, making it hard for them to focus on their meal. Sitting on their knees cuts off their circulation and makes them uncomfortable and fidgety.

You probably didn't even know your child was so uncomfortable at meal time! This is actually a long-term problem, as your child cannot sit comfortably in an adult chair until they are at least 10 years old. This means they have to suffer through up to 8,000 meals being uncomfortable.

Nomi’s seat and footrest seamlessly adjust without tools, and evolves with children’s changing needs so they are always comfortable, like you are in an adult chair—no more dangling feet! The Nomi Chair replaces the need for a toddler booster seat, and can be used all the way through the teenage years as it holds over 300 lbs. Many families make it a desk chair in their child’s room after they are finally able to sit comfortably in an adult dining chair at the table.

Scandinavian design by world-renowned seating expert Peter Opsvik, who spent his entire career studying what he calls ‘active sitting’. His philosophy is that children need a stable platform for their feet from which to move – so the child will sit actively and varied – but stay seated.

In 1972, Peter designed the iconic Tripp Trapp Chair for his son, which brought the child up to the table, and the floor up to the child with an adjustable footrest. Fast forward to 2013 when Peter’s first granddaughter was born, and based on his 40 years of seating design experience, he knew he could do better. The result, the Nomi Concept. Nomi is the evolution of the original concept, utilizing more modern materials and technology, resulting in a sleeker design, making daily use even simpler.

Nomi easily transforms from a raised bouncer with the additional Nomi Baby attachment—to a high chair—to a chair, so your child is positioned in the most comfortable & ergoNOMIc position from newborn all the way to adulthood, holding up to 330 lbs.

Nomi believes family mealtime is special; conversation, socialization, and special moments all occur around the dining table. With Nomi, everyone is included, even the youngest family members!


  • THE CURE FOR FIDGETING - The Nomi Chair brings your child up to the table and the floor up to their feet, so they are always comfortable, like you are in an adult chair.
  • When sitting in either a booster seat or an adult chair with dangling feet, children get fidgety and uncomfortable, making it hard for them to focus on their meal.
  • Imagine sitting in a bar stool with no footrest for every meal for 9-11 years! This is what it feels like when kids sit in booster seats or adult chairs with dangling feet!
  • Nomi Chair gives little ones independence—they’re able to stand on the footrest to reach a napkin or grab a crayon for coloring, just like adults are able to stand on the floor to reach for things.
  • Not just for meals - perfect for all activities, homework, crafts, coloring, games, or just spending time with family.
  • Scandinavian design by world renowned seating expert - Peter Opsvik. Manufactured in Europe with environmentally responsible components.
  • Nomi’s lightweight (11 lbs.) and sleek design makes cleaning a breeze, you can even hang it on the table edge to clean underneath.
  • Seamless adjustment of the seat and footrest with no tools required.
  • Available in 36 combinations to fit any décor – 4 wooden stem options and 9 chair color variations.
  • Accessories available – Nomi Cushions
  • Can be used from around 24 months through the teenage years and beyond. Supports up to 330 lbs.
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