Compendium - Boogie Monster Dance Kit

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Also included is a CD with about half an hour's worth of super-danceable tunes. Plus, and this is the really fun part, you get a pair of cute fuzzy "dance legs" (with an elastic band to keep them up and a hole from which your or your little one's feet protrude), so parents and children can be the perfect dance partners for Boogie Monster throughout the story! Kids and the grownups who love them will hop, wiggle, and twirl with delight to all the invigorating boogie beats! The hilarious Boogie Monster Dance Kit is guaranteed to inspire an energetic dance party! The handsome boxed set of toe-tapping equipment features a hardcover book (with rhythmical rhymes by Josie Bissett and playful illustrations by Kevan J. Atteberry) that introduces a lovable monster from Planet Boogie who travels the galaxy practicing his dance moves with new friends. 
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