Dream Sock Plus

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Dream Sock Plus


The Dream Sock is a wearable baby monitor that pairs with your device. View important Sleep Quality Indicators in the Owlet Dream App to know when your baby may need help getting back to sleep. Through sleep insights, exclusive week-by-week content, and our personalized infant sleep program you'll know when and how to help your baby get the sleep they need. And with the new Dream Sock Plus, you can build healthy sleep habits from day one through early childhood.

Not your traditional baby monitor. The Dream Sock wraps comfortably around your child’s foot and uses wearable sensor (PPG) technology to accurately collect sleep insights. Let our AI synthesize the data so that you can view Baby's sleep quality indicators.


  • Smart sleep monitoring at your fingertips. The Dream Sock monitors your child’s sleep state and sleep quality by tracking heart rate, wakings, oxygen level, and movement. View your child’s sleep state and sleep quality and receive prompts in the Owlet Dream App to gain actionable insights and build better sleep habits.
  • Personalized Sleep Algorithm. Owlet’s proprietary algorithm gets to know your baby by tracking your baby’s sleep quality indicators—which means the more you use the Dream Sock, the better sleep insights you receive.
  • Sleep Assist Prompt. Receive a “Sleep Assist” prompt on your Base Station and in the Dream App when baby is uncomfortable or may need help getting back to sleep.
  • Digital Sleep Coach from Owlet. Help create healthy sleep habits for your baby with help from Owlet’s innovative sleep program that includes an adaptable sleep schedule built just for your baby, from 4 to 12 months old. Owlet award-winning technology, expert content, and responsive sleep program will help prepare you with the tools for better sleep.
  • The Dream Sock securely displays your child's sleep data in the Owlet Dream App, available in the Apple Store & Google Play Store.(Phone Sold Separately)
  • Understand your child's sleep as they grow. Track your child's sleep trends up to 5 years of age of 55lbs with the new Owlet Dream Sock Plus.
  • Whats Included: one Dream Sock Plus sensor, six fabric socks (fits children 0-5 years, 5-55 lbs.), wireless charging Base Station, and access to the Owlet Dream App and Owlet’s sleep learning program.
    • The Dream Sock is designed to help parents ensure that Baby develops healthy sleep habits early on and gets a good night’s sleep. The Smart Sock had features notifying users based on changes to heart rate and oxygen levels outside of preset values. The Dream Sock does not have those notification features, and is not intended to advise users on any deviations from preset values in these measurements. The Dream Sock’s prompts are based on sleep quality indicators but it will not notify parents on the same criteria as the Smart Sock. Dream Sock and Duo are here to help give parents the tools they need to get a better night's sleep for the entire family!
    • The Owlet Dream Sock Plus includes a pair of larger, toddler-sized fabric socks that allow you to track your child’s sleep patterns for up to 5 years old, or 55 lbs. The Dream Sock is another option for parents who only wish to track their child’s sleep patterns up to 18 months old, or 30 lbs.
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