Foodii Pouch 20 cnt

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Fill-your-own Squeeze Snacks™ for quick and easy meals on the go! Puree your own healthy baby meals using your blender, pour into the wide-mouthed Foodii Filler, then squeeze the Filler to fill these Foodii™ Pouches with healthy, nutritous snacks, mess-free! Features
  • Comes in a pack of 20
  • Multiple feeding options - attach Foodii Snack Spouts™ or soft silicone Squeeze Spoons™to Foodii Pouches for quick, mess-free feeding on the go!
  • Eliminate dirty dishes - pouches can be discarded (recycled!) after use. Snack Spouts™and Squeeze Spoons™ can be re-used for future feedings, and are dishwasher, steam, and microwave safe.
  • Squeeze Snacks™ promote independent feeding, and help to develop dexterity through the early use of utensils.
  • Kiinde Foodii™ Squeeze Snack™ Pouches and breastmilk storage Twist Pouches™ are completely inter-compatible. Either type of pouch can be connected to breast pumps, Active Latch™ Nipples, Snack Spouts™, and Squeeze Spoons™.
  • Capacity: 6oz/180mL
  • Materials: Pouch: Low-density polyethylene (#4); cap: High-density polyethylene (#2).
  • BPA-free, pthalate-free, and PVC-free
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