Formula Funnel (2 Pk)

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Formula Funnel (2 Pk)


Snap on funnels for mess-free transfers of powdered formula, milk, or pureed food into Twist and and Foodii™ Pouches.


  • Funnels snap firmly into place in the mouths of Kiinde Twist Pouches™. Push firmly until you feel the funnel pop into place!
  • Use these funnels to pour powdered formula into Twist Pouches™, for "Just-Add-Water" meals on the go!
  • BPA, PVC, latex, and pthalate-free. 100% recyclable. Dishwasher and steam safe.
  • You can now use Kiinde Twist Pouches™ for ALL of your feeding needs - breastmilk, formula, or pureed food! Kiinde Foodii™ Squeeze Snack™ Pouches and breastmilk storage Twist Pouches™ are completely inter-compatible. Either type of pouch can be connected to breast pumps, Active Latch™ Nipples, Snack Spouts™, and Squeeze Spoons™.
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