Jumpsuit Resita

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Special Price CA$33.14 Regular Price CA$38.99

Jumpsuit Resita

Special Price CA$33.14 Regular Price CA$38.99
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Soft, cosy and just a little bit cool, the Resita dungarees manage to combine them all. These unisex trousers can truly be combined with anything and are lovely and comfy for your little one. The dungarees’ straps can be secured with wooden buttons, but they can also be worn without.

The organic cotton is super soft for your little one and a great deal better for the environment too. The production’s natural processes support the health of the soil, the ecosystems and the people. And that feels good.

Why not combine these fun trousers with one of the other lovely items from our unisex collection.

  • Material: 100% Organic cotton
  • Sizes correspond to your baby's length in cm.
    • 51-56 cm: 1-2M (56)
    • 57-62 cm: 2-4M (62)
    • 63-68 cm: 4-6M (68)
    • 69-74 cm: 6-9M (74)
    • 75-80 cm: 9-12M (80)
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