K100 Gate Installation Kit

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K100 Gate Installation Kit

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The beauty of today's homes is the diversity of designs and materials used for stairways, room openings and doorways. Because of this, the installation of child safety gates can be difficult since a "one size fits all" gate design does not exist.

KidCo has assembled the materials and fasteners necessary to properly install any child safety gate to wood banisters, hollow wall (drywall) or wrought iron. The KidCo Gate Installation Kit can save several trips to the lumber yard and hardware store. When mounting the gates to unusual surfaces such as brick or concrete, KidCo recommends that you consult a hardware professional, baby shop or baby proofing specialist.

One kit is required for each side of the gate that is not being mounted into a solid vertical wood surface and only the most basic tools are needed to assemble any good child safety gate.


  • Properly install and child safety gate!
  • One kit required for each side of the gate installed on a difficult surface
  • Only basic tools required
  • Pictures and instructions for several surface types: Wood bannister installation using plastic ties, or wood bannister installation using wood screws.
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