Kid's No-Tie Shoelaces

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Kid's No-Tie Shoelaces

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With a sleek design, LACEEZ™ elastic laces for kid’s shoes lock into place, turning any shoe into a slip-on. Shoes slip-on and stay-on! Guaranteed! LACEEZ™ clean, simple design makes your shoes sleek and more fashionable: no more dangling shoe laces! No more hassle with keeping shoes tied, no more stepping on those rabbit-ear laces, no more dingy shoelaces. LACEEZ™ stay off the ground, stay “tied”, and make it easy to put your shoes on and take your shoes off.

These specially crafted elastic shoelaces keep shoes snuggly fit, providing a comfortable and secure wear. Most important of all, LACEEZ™ are far superior to traditional shoelaces and provide the best of all benefits: ease of use, fashion, and functionality. LACEEZ™ lace-up easily like traditional shoelaces, however you will never need to tie them. LACEEZ™ fasten into the top shoelace holes without leaving any excess lace to tie. Once secured, the elastic stretches to create easy ‘slip-on’ functionality. Feet and fingers will be overjoyed!


  • High quality material made of nylon + spandex designed to resemble regular shoelaces
  • Designed to fit 4 to 5 hole shoes (4 to 5 holes on each side)
  • 5 kid's sizes to make sure you get the perfect fit
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  1. Great product
    I would highly recommend this product. It made my son’s New Balance 247 work. No more undone shoelaces!

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