Long Sleeve Cardigan Roese

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Special Price CA$29.99 Regular Price CA$49.99

Long Sleeve Cardigan Roese

Special Price CA$29.99 Regular Price CA$49.99

You can truly combine this unisex cardigan with anything. It will be a fantastic extra layer during the autumn and winter months. The Roese cardigan features wooden buttons and a knitted look. The fabric includes a touch of stretch, which provides a great deal of comfort.

The cardigan is made from organic cotton, which is beautifully soft for your little one and better for the environment too. The production’s natural processes support the health of the soil, the ecosystems and the people. And that feels good.

The cardigan is perfect for combining with our other unisex items.

  • Material: 100% Organic cotton
  • Sizes correspond to your baby's length in cm.
    • 51-56 cm: 1-2M (56)
    • 57-62 cm: 2-4M (62)
    • 63-68 cm: 4-6M (68)
    • 69-74 cm: 6-9M (74)
    • 75-80 cm: 9-12M (80)
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