Long Sleeve Tee Ribera

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Long Sleeve Tee Ribera

Special Price CA$14.99 Regular Price CA$20.99

Good things take time: a nice reminder which this can certainly all do with from time to time. The Ribera unisex shirt doesn’t just feature that lovely print, but is also beautifully comfy thanks to the soft and elastic fabric. There are wooden buttons along the neckline, which make getting dressed and undressed a great deal easier.

This shirt is made from BCI-certified cotton. Not just super soft for your baby, but it also meets high international production and environmental standards. This BCI cotton will allow you to make the very best choice for yourself, your child and the world. From the environmentally-conscious way in which the cotton is produced, right through to the ban on child labour , everything meets the high standards. And: it’s lovely and comfy too!

  • Material: 95% Cotton / 5% Elastane
  • Sizes correspond to your baby's length in cm.
    • 51-56 cm: 1-2M (56)
    • 57-62 cm: 2-4M (62)
    • 63-68 cm: 4-6M (68)
    • 69-74 cm: 6-9M (74)
    • 75-80 cm: 9-12M (80)
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