Long Sleeve Tee Rodos

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Special Price CA$38.24 Regular Price CA$44.99

Long Sleeve Tee Rodos

Special Price CA$38.24 Regular Price CA$44.99

How cute is this blouse for your little man? The Rodos blouse features a checked pattern and is made from deliciously soft fabric. The buttons will allow you to easily put it on and take it off again. Why not combine it with one of noppies shirts, or perhaps wear the blouse underneath a sweater. All those layers will be lovely for your little one!

This baby blouse is made from responsibly produced cotton, the Better Cotton Initiative. Not just beautifully comfy for your little one, but also better for the producers and the environment. The 'Better Cotton Initiative' is a special training programme for farmers to make cotton production more sustainable. The BCI has taught them, for example, how to produce cotton using less water, chemicals and pesticides.

  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Sizes correspond to your baby's length in cm.
    • 51-56 cm: 1-2M (56)
    • 57-62 cm: 2-4M (62)
    • 63-68 cm: 4-6M (68)
    • 69-74 cm: 6-9M (74)
    • 75-80 cm: 9-12M (80)
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