Lrg Sensory Playmat - Music Parade (Sound Play)

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Awaken children's brain through play with Dwinguler's Sound Play Mat. Dwinguler sensory development mat encourages children to develop a positive sense of self, sociability and sensibility by establishing a parent-child interaction.  Features
  • Comes with the Dwinguler Talking Pen (made of eco-friendly materials; Volume Control, Read stories in 2 languages, Plays 5 classic music for 10 minutes and real animal sound)
  • Watch, Listen, Speak, Touch and Feel! Brain development project for my kid!
  • Awake your kid's brain by sound play
  • An active sound-learning mat which kids can listen to various sounds and imagine joyfully and can have time for creative thinking not like passive learning by just playing with toys and reading a book.
  • Brain developing mats containing not only basic mat function, but also containing function of IQ and EQ development.
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