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M1 Carrier

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Special Price CA$99.99 Regular Price CA$259.95

M1 Carrier

Special Price CA$99.99 Regular Price CA$259.95

Innovative and ergonomic, the Lascal m1Carrier™ makes travelling with your baby easy. The unique Infant M-Seat™ adapts to promote the perfect ‘M’ seating position for newborns 3.5 kg. (8 lbs.), right up to 3–4 year olds weighing up to 15 kg. (33 lbs.).

Infant M-Seat: The Infant M-SeatTM is 3D shaped and gives full leg support from hip to knee providing the perfect ‘M-Position’ recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for healthy hip development – especially crucial during the first 6 months. The Infant M-SeatTM is made of ventilated fabrics and wide edges covered with soft fabric for maximum comfort for baby.

Total support: An extra-wide 3D, fully breathable seat cushions your baby’s bottom and legs, giving them ultimate support in all three positions. This gives your baby lots of space for its bottom for maximum comfort. So, whether your little one is facing inward, outward or on your back, you can be sure they’re safe and cosy.

Adaptable, comfortable design: Swap from inwards to outwards facing positions in a flash, thanks to our unique Hip-Zip design. Special 3D fabric gives you and your baby superior comfort, no friction and full breathability.

Head protection and shoulder straps: A headshield adds another layer of protection and cosiness for newborns. Ergonomic padding along the shoulder straps, wide waist belt and an integral padded back support makes carrying your baby a breeze.


  • Three carrying positions: Patented Hip-Zip™ allows for inward, outward, and back carry positions with hip friendly leg support.
  • The Infant M-seat: Perfect M-Position Infant Seat for newborns from 3.5 kg. (8 lbs.) provides superior hip-friendly M-Position desired by doctors
  • Comfortable: Comfortable thanks to the ergonomic design and high quality fabrics used. Your child will sit in the most comfortable M-position, from new born up to 3-4 years of age (15 kg/33 lbs). The wide padded shoulder straps and the back support built in to the waist belt will distribute your child’s weight evenly, keeping you comfortable.
  • Fabric: High quality polyester fabric characterized by: Breathable 3D, soft and friction free, wind and rain cap is made of a waterproof fabric and washable
  • Wide Waist Belt: A wide waist belt with a padded back support and padded shoulder straps provide optimal distribution of the child’s weight and optimal comfort for you.
  • Head support: Structured head support for total comfort. Also includes a head shield for newborn babies.
  • Strap tidies: Strap tidies keep all loose ends in place.
  • One-handed operation: Easy and safe to use with one-handed operated buckles. One hand holding your child and one hand operating the buckles.
  • Tested and Approved: For your child’s safety, the m1 carrier is tested and approved by SGS angle component is tested to meet the standard for kid’s products according to REACH (EU) and CPSIA (U.S.).
  • Carefully read and follow all instructions provided with your m1 Carrier™, before use.
  • Your balance may be adversely affected by your movement and that of the child.
  • This carrier is not suitable for use during sporting activities.
  • Only use the m1 Carrier™ for babies weighing 3.5-14 kg/8-30 lb.
  • Adjust leg openings to smallest possible size.
  • Always use the leg straps for babies 3.5-5 kg/8-11 lb.
  • Baby must face you until they can hold their head upright.
  • The m1 Carrier™ is designed for use by adults while walking only.
  • Make sure baby is properly positioned with the legs straddling the seat and both arms extending through the arm holes.
  • Check to assure all buckles, snaps, straps and adjustments are secure before each use.
  • Pull the Waist and Shoulder Straps until carrier fits snugly.
  • Always make sure there is enough room around your baby's nose and mouth to provide a clear source of air.
  • Never lie down with baby in the m1 Carrier™.
  • Inspect the m1 Carrier™ regularly for any signs of wear and tear.

Carrying on your hip is not recommended. This may cause asymmetric impact on your spine and body which may lead to serious injuries.

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