mamaRoo 4.0 (Classic) + mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet Bundle

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mamaRoo 4.0 (Classic) + mamaRoo Sleep Bassine...


Buy these two amazing items from 4moms together today! Right now you can purchase a mamaRoo 4.0 (Classic) Infant Seat and a mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet. Here's what you get.

mamaRoo 4.0 (Classic) Infant Seat

Parents don't vibrate like bouncy seats or swing like swings. We believe that infant seats would be better if they replicated the natural motions parents use to comfort their babies. That's why we created the 4moms mamaRoo 4 infant seat. We put sensor vests on parents to understand those motions and then replicated the bouncing and swaying in the mamaRoo to soothe and entertain better than traditional infant seats.


  • 5 unique motions (car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye, and wave)
  • 5 speeds
  • 4 built-in sounds
  • MP3 compatible
  • Adjustable seat recline
  • Toy mobile with interactive, reversible toy balls that include a rattle, mirror and crinkle ball.
  • Bluetooth: control motion and sound from your compatible smart device
    • The 4moms app for iOS is compatible with all Apple devices newer than the iPhone 4s that are running iOS 9 or newer.
    • The native Android app is compatible with most Android devices that support Bluetooth Low Energy and are running Android 4.3 or newer.

mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

The 4moms® mamaRoo sleep™ bassinet uses the same proven motions of the 4moms mamaRoo® infant seat to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Soothe and comfort baby in the 4moms mamaRoo sleep bassinet with its natural bounce and sway motions that move just like parents do. It features 5 unique motions (car ride, wave, kangaroo, tree swing and rock-a-bye) and 5 speed options to find the perfect combination baby loves. You can also play one of the 4 white noise options (rain, ocean, fan and shh). Easily control all features via the 4moms app on a compatible smart device. The 4moms app also features a timer that can be used to help establish a bedtime routine and improve sleep.

The mamaRoo sleep bassinet provides a firm, flat sleep surface that follows the AAP’s Safe Sleep Guidelines. Features such as height adjust, for optimal visibility & accessibility, and mesh sides create a safe sleep environment and give you peace of mind so that you and your baby can sleep soundly.

mamaRoo sleep grey bassinet sheet is included.


  • Firm: Bassinet is designed with a firm, flat sleep surface for your baby.
  • Mesh sides: For visibility and airflow.
  • It moves like you do™: Replicates the natural bounces and sway motions of parents. Features 5 unique motions: Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rock-A-Bye, Wave.
  • Built-in sounds: Play one of the four white nose options: Rain, Ocean, Fan, Shh.
  • Bluetooth enabled: Find the perfect soothing combination for baby.
  • Adjustable height: Adjust the height by 4.5" for your comfort.
  • Timer: Use the timer on the 4moms app to help establish a bedtime routine.

mamaRoo 4.0 (Classic) Infant Seat


  • AC adaptor (no batteries required)

Age & Weight Limit

  • For use from birth until child reaches maximum weight limit of 25 pounds or can sit up unassisted or attempts to climb out, whichever comes first.
  • Maximum weight: 25 pounds

Fabric care:

  • All fabrics are easy to remove and machine washable

Weight & Dimensions:

  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Dimensions: 25.5"L x 19.5"W x 33"H

mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet


  • Dimensions (with leg extenders): 34" L x 24" W x 39" H
  • Dimensions (without leg extenders): 34" L x 24" W x 34.5" H
  • Product Weight: 30 lbs

Age & Weight Limit:

  • For use from birth until child reaches maximum weight limit of 25 pounds or can push up on their hands or knees, whichever comes first.
  • Maximum weight: 25 pounds

Fabric Care:

  • The bassinet sheets are machine washable. The bassinet mattress, fabric and mesh can be spot cleaned using mild soap and warm water.


  • AC adapter included. No batteries required.
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