Microwave Sterilization Curve Box

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Microwave Sterilization Curve Box

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A compact and stylish case for disinfection of microwave oven. Dr. Betta Baby bottle full size compatible (* Tritan baby bottle can not be disinfected by microwave) The upper lid locks in 4 places and is safe design. How to use is very simple! After disinfection can be saved as it is. (* In that case, please discard the remaining water in the inside and keep it in a dry enough condition.) Moreover, it is a proficiency school which can stack more than one. After breastfeeding to small articles and toy containers. It boasts its design and compactness!

How to use:

  • After using the bottle: wash it along with the nipple, cap, hood and some soap.
  • Rinse off the soap after clean and after checking any adhesion, place the bottle, nipple, cap and hood separately in the case.
  • Fill the hood of the bottle with about 80% water and empty it into the case.
  • Close the lid of the case and microwave at 500W to 600W for 3 minutes. Take extra caution not to burn yourself.
  • When using chemical disinfection and boiling disinfection in combination, please boil after thoroughly rinsing chemical solution. In rare cases, the bottle may be white and cloudy, but there is no problem in quality.
  • Material polypropylene
  • Heat resistance: 140 ℃
  • Size length about 11 cm / side about 27.5 cm / height about 6.5 cm
  • Note * Baby bottles of Tritan ™ (Tritan) can not be disinfected by microwave oven. Please be careful.
  • Household microwave oven Please use it in the range of 500W ~ 600W.
  • When disinfecting products of other companies, please note the heat resistant temperature and size.
  • Please do not put liquids.
  • When using the microwave oven please confirm that the lid is closed tightly.
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