Nook - Pebble Perfect Body Pillow

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The outer cover is textured, removable, washable and breathable, including ultra-soft Tencel eucalyptus fibers which are both moisture-wicking and naturally anti-microbial.Great for Mom or Dad either near the nursery, in the bedroom, naptime....or anywhere!Ingredients: Certified Organic Cotton, TENCEL®, Eucalyptus Lycocell, Recycled Polyester, filled with memory foamsize: 6" x 17" x 54" Now Parents can experience the Pebble! The Pebble Pillow and Pebble Body Pillow are each made with a removable and washable TENCEL® and polyester Pebble cover. Filled with resilient memory foam.
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Size: 6" x 17" x 54"