Siliskin Straw Top (3 Pk)

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Make any glass cup a Straw cup. The siliskin top is a silicone straw top that stretches over most standard size glass cups, turning the glass cup into a Straw cup for kids. The siliskin Straw top grips the top of a glass while air suction keeps it perfectly in place, preventing spills and leaks. Where form meets function, the innovative design makes the siliskin Straw top a breeze to use, and it's not plastic. The unique Straw top is also designed without unnecessary valves or cumbersome pieces. The Straw top has no hidden crevices that are hard to reach where gunk and bacteria hide. The design allows for easy cleaning and care. Features
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Can be boiled to sterilize
  • Add it to a Siliskin® Glass or a glass of your choice and have an instant, no-spill cup
  • No spill or leak
  • Suction keeps top on tight
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