Smart Sock 2

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Smart Sock 2

Special Price CA$349.99 Regular Price CA$399.99
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The Smart Sock 2 uses pulse oximetry to measure your infant's heart rate and oxygens levels while they sleep. This information is communicated to your phone via a base station that is designed to notify you with lights and sounds if something doesn't appear to be just right with your baby. Using the Owlet app, you can view your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels in real-time.

Smart Sock 2 empowers you with pulse oximetry technology that is used in hospitals around the world. Using this proven technology, Owlet tracks your child’s heart rate and oxygen level and notifies if levels are higher or lower than preset levels. These levels are a good indicator of overall wellness.

Owlet believes by empowering parents with the right information at right time, they can experience more joy and less worry during the newborn phase. As a matter fact, 83% of Owlet parents report better sleep while using the Smart Sock!


  • Pulse Oximetry - Updated pulse oximetry algorithms increase the precision and accuracy of your baby’s readings.
  • Flexible updated (open toe) sock sensor is flexible and designed to adapt to your baby’s foot as he or she grows.
  • Better Bluetooth. Better Base Station.
  • Redesigned Sock — Soft, Simple & Secure
  • Hypoallergenic cotton gently yet securely wraps around your baby’s foot and designed to grow with your infant.
  • Sure Fit Technology
  • Innovative new sock design offers a more secure fit and intuitive placement, meaning more accurate readings.
  • Universal Fit - Updated open toe fabric sock can be worn on either foot
  • Improvements in hardware resulted in 4x fewer red and yellow notifications.
  • Increased Range - Improved Bluetooth range, up to a 10x increase (100 feet), between the Smart Sock 2 and Base Station.
  • Mobile App - Improved interface with sock sizing guide, push notifications and real time access to your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels.
  • Connected Care - Smart Sock 2 is compatible with Connected Care, an app that allows you to track historical data, red notification information and sleep trends.
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    1. Peace of mind
      I didn’t know about this for my first and i wish i did! However we are expecting our second & this was the first thing i bought. My mom friends raved about this so much i new once i got pregnant i would be purchasing one for my baby. I am the type of mama that wakes up just to make sure babe is still breathing & all is good, so i’m excited for this to ease my anxiety.

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    What's Included: 3 Fabric Socks w/ Universal Fit - Sizes 1-3 (Up to 18 Months)
, Smart Sock Sensor (Pulse Oximeter w/ Bluetooth Technology)
, Base Station with Extended Range (10x Original Version)
, Charging Cords 
and Exclusive access to the Owlet app.
    Age Range: 0 - 18 months