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Nanobébé’s starter set is the perfect introduction to our range of exclusive nanobébé products and a registry must-have.

The Nanobébé starter set includes some of the most innovative essentials: Breastmilk Bottles to help preserve breastmilk nutrients during storage and warming, the nanobébé nonelectrical Smart Warming Bowl for quick and even warming of breastmilk, as well as nanobébé’s Flexy pacifiers.


  • All-in-one feeding solution designed to preserve breastmilk nutrients and enables easy transition from breast to bottle and back
  • Smart Warming Bowl – unique geometry of bottle and bowl enables quick and even warming
  • Silicone Nipples – advanced venting system designed to reduce colic
  • Flexy Pacifiers – One-piece ergonomic silicone construction adheres to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines for newborns
  • Breast Pump Adaptors – connect to most standard breast pumps, including Medela and Ameda
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Supplier Code FUS9011112
UPC 7290016628579
What’s in the box:
1 x smart warming bowl
4 x 5oz/150ml breastmilk bottles
4 x slow flow silicone nipples
4 x travel covers 4 x storage caps
2 x breast pump adaptors
2 x 0-3m flexy pacifiers
Customer Reviews
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  1. Best alternative to store and feed your EBM!
    Prior to my son Nicolas’ birth in Feb 2019, I was endlessly researching breastfeeding to-dos, tips and tricks.

    Knowing I wanted to breastfeed my baby, I was keen on proper storage & warming. The store-flat freezer bags make warming a speedy process, which is especially helpful when you have a hungry, crying baby!

    Using the bottle + warming bowl to warm the milk is also quick & simple. The reassurance that all the nutrients are not lost through the warming process is invaluable!

    Secondly, worried about nipple confusion, my son immediately took to the bottle’s familiar shape and the air-vented nipple helped prevent gas/colic.

    To add, you can pump straight into the bottles via the included adapters which is a big plus!

    Fridge storage of the stackable bottles after pumping is not only an efficient way to keep track of your milk order, but is very compact and takes up very little room in the fridge!

    This system is versatile; Even when my supply decreased and I had to supplement with formula, I still used the Nanobebe bottles!

    Now with my second son, who was born a month ago 7 weeks premature, the doctors and nurses were pleasantly surprised and enthused with how effortlessly he took to the bottle after being exclusively tube-fed!

    I also purchased the flexy pacifiers for both sons and they absolutely love them!

    Notably with Danielo we used it from Day 1 in the NICU: as the paci’s smaller profile and shape allowed for him to easily suck on and keep hold it, even with more vigorous sucking.

    My husband and I are completely satisfied with this system as it allows him a chance to bond with the babies and feed them too!

    The Nanobébé system retains the nourishing benefits of breastmilk, stores and warms EBM very quickly and is easy to clean! There’s no need to clean w/ bottle brushes as the bottles/nipples come apart with great ease! They can be cleaned by hand and/or are dishwasher-safe!

    We highly recommend Nanobébé and are so glad we found this system!

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  2. Easy to clean and no nipple confusion
    I bought this originally to so my husband could feed my son and we could share doing nights and help with the sleep deprivation. I actually didn’t make enough breast milk for him and we had to supplement with formula. The nanobebe bottles were amazing as I can breast feed and then give him formula and he doesn’t have nipple confusion as the nanobebe bottle makes him latch and suck the same way as the breast! My son will take the breast and the nanobebe! Win-win now that he’s gaining the appropriate weight!

    Bottles are super easy to clean, no special brushes required. I rinse after feeding and pop into the dishwasher . Love that the bottle is in two pieces to ensure a through clean! Love the warming bowl and you that can’t burn it in the middle of the night since you use warm tap water. Love the design!

    My only ”complaint” is that due to the shape of the bottle, it is hard to get that last bit of milk out of the bottle without lying my son completely flat. Another nanobebe mom on Instagram suggested I remove the bottle from the baby near the end and swirl the bottle to get the last bit of milk into the nipple before giving it back to the baby and that worked like a charm.

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  3. Love these for the heating/cooling aspect
    I purchased this bottle set shortly after my son was born. At the time my sole purpose for purchasing them was because I hated how long it took to warm of my bottles of expressed breast milk. When I read how these bottles warmed quicker due to their shape, I thought it made total sense. Plus they maintain more nutrients. After owning them for several months, I am happy with my purchase. The nutrient preserving benefits mean even more to me now because I have discovered that my milk is high lipase, meaning I have to scald my milk before putting it into the fridge. I'm going to lose some of the nutrients by doing that, so Nanobebe has put my mind at ease knowing that the nutrients are going to be preserved as best as possible. The parts are easy to clean and put together. They do take up quite a bit of room on your drying rack so it might be a good investment to purchase the Nanobebe specific rack. My only wish is that the pump adaptor parts were made for Spectra.

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