Thermoscan 7 Ear Thermometer

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Thermoscan 7 Ear Thermometer

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When it comes to accurately taking a child’s temperature, doctors trust the precise Braun ThermoScan® ear thermometer above all others*, thanks to its patented, pre-warmed tip. The tip on other thermometers can cool the area where the reading is taken, which can lead to inaccurate readings. The tip on the ThermoScan® is warmed before use to prevent this and ensure professional accuracy. In addition, the ExacTemp™ guidance system confirms the correct position and accurate reading with a light and a beep. You will also appreciate disposable Braun certified lens filters that help prevent the spread of germs between uses. And now with the new large screen and ergonomic design, Braun ThermoScan® is even simpler to use.


  • #1 Brand used by pediatricians* and most trusted by parents
  • Voted #1 most trusted children's Thermometer brand in Canada**
  • Wide-angle probe: Suitable for use on newborns.
  • ExacTemp™ technology: Patented ExacTemp™ technology confirms that the thermometer is stable to take an accurate measurement with a light and a beep.
  • Patented pre-warmed tip: thermometer pre-warms the tip to 34°C to achieve professional accuracy and provide extra comfort.
  • Display with night light: Perfect for use in a night-time environment.
  • Quick measurement: Fast, gentle and easy-to-use.
  • 9X memory: allows for temperature tracking over time.
  • Age Precision™ colour-coded display: Simply use the Age Precision™ button to select the appropriate age setting, take temperature and the colour-coded display will glow green, yellow or red to help you understand the temperature reading.
  • Large, easy to read screen
  • BPA free
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  • Always replace disposable lens filters (LF40CA) to maintain accuracy and hygiene