Treasure the Ocean Musical Nature Stroller Arch

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Tiny Love’s Treasure the Ocean™ Musical Nature Stroll Arch offers babies 8 playful activities that provide indoor and on-the-go fun and amusement. The different toys offer your little one audio, visual and tactile stimulation, and their responsive features teach babies the basics of cause and effect, supporting cognitive development.

Having a familiar toy when out and about also reassures babies, giving them a sense of familiarity and order in unfamiliar, new surroundings. The universal attachment clip makes this an ideal stroller toy for your little one. The enchanting aquarelle design and adorable aquatic characters of the Treasure the Ocean™ Musical Nature Stroll Arch create a beautiful and fun on-the-go experience for babies and support their continuing exploration.


  • Baby-activated musical crab toy teaches little ones the basics of cause and effect. Starfish grip mirror supports babies motor skills.
  • Revolving rattling ball with beads stimulates babies’ senses.
  • Crinkly whale with transparent prism offers fun sensory stimulation.
  • Baby-activated propeller spins when baby pulls the handle, supporting cognitive development.
  • Easy-grip circle fosters sensory exploration.
  • Arch easily angles towards your baby, making sure it is positioned at just the right distance.
  • Adjustable clip easily fits on to most strollers for on-the-go engagement.
  • Features a magical underwater turquoise-blue aquarelle design and adorable ocean characters.

Age Tips

  • 0-2 months: STIMULATING BABY’S VISION: During the first three months, babies need visual stimulation to help them learn to focus their gaze. The stimuli should be placed at an optimal distance (8-12 inches) and should include some movement. Angle the arch to the appropriate distance and let your baby enjoy some visual exploration.
  • 2-5 months: FOSTERSING FINE MOTOR SKILLS: As babies grow, they begin playing with the arch in a more sophisticated way. Let your little one explore the various activities and features, pulling at the propeller, gazing into the mirror, spinning the beads in the rattle, strengthening finger muscles through play.
  • 5+ months: LEARNING THE BASICS OF CAUSE & EFFECT: At this stage, babies' developing eye-hand coordination allows them to reach out to the toys confidently, hold them and explore their features. Both the interactive crab toy and the spinning propeller help babies learn about cause and effect, realizing that their action causes the result (music or spinning motion).
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