Zip Adapter - V5 (Long)

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  • Optional accessory for BellyFit.
  • Zip Adapters are black, low profile.
  • Wide range available for the most popular types of jackets.
  • Standard length is 70cm (27") suitable for jacket lengths of 60cm - 80cm (24" –31.9").
  • Long-jacket adapter available for certain jackets from 32" up to 94cm (37").
  • Made in Canada.
Information on the DIY Adapter:"The "DIY" zip matches the zip on the BellyFit extender. You would simply need to sew each side of the DIY zip along the inside or outside of your existing zip. A local seamstress would be able to do this without any trouble. The BellyFit would then zip onto your jacket. When you're finished using the BellyFit, you can simply unstitch each side of the zip, remove and your jacket would be back to normal."IMPORTANT Before buying:*The BellyFit attaches directly to jackets that have a zip with at least one slider with VISLON and 5VS on the back of it. If you don’t see the VISLON and 5VS or have a longer jacket – You might need a Zip Adapter.//Some jackets may require a Zip Adaptor in order to use your Belly Fit (sold separately). Please see below to find out which Zip Adapter you might need.
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