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Bamboo is a sustainable crop that requires no pesticides; fungicides; herbicides, or additional water. Fabric made from bamboo is one of the softest; all natural; and greenest fibers around. Being earth-friendly never felt so good! Our  Bamboo Belly Bandit  is made for the "green" mom who spares no expense for the environment, or her comfort. Ecological; smart; unbeaten, and all together our comfy coziest!

  • Available in 5 sizes (fits waits from 28"-57")
  • Available in 2 colours: Natural & Black
  • 5" velcro closure allow adjustability to shrink and/or grow
  • 100% latex free, seemless and tagless construction won't irritate skin
  • Rounded outer edges stop gouging, enhancing comfort
  • No bunching or rolling creation hides well under clothing
  • Mothers are able to bind independently

Band Size/Waist Size:

  • SM 33" - 37"
  • MED 38" - 43"
  • LG 44" - 49"
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  • Due to the variations in size and shape of women's bodies, we realize it may be difficult to size yourself for a Belly Bandit. Don't fret, here are some tips we have found to be helpful. There is no exact science that fits all women.
  • If you are purchasing a Belly Bandit early on in your pregnancy best rule of thumb is to go up 1 to 2 band sizes from your pre-pregnancy size.
  • In the eighth month many women will be the same size as they will be post delivery. Simply measure the circumference of your waist starting at your belly button. Choose the corresponding band for your size.
  • Just prior to delivery simply subtract 3 to 5 inches from your waist measurement. Select the corresponding band for that size.

If you purchase your Belly Bandit after you give birth, simply choose the corresponding band for your waist size. We've had many customers who measure between band sizes. Our advice is either to purchase both the larger and the smaller sized Belly Bandits or only buy the larger one. Don't worry, you'll get into the smaller size, but remember it is a compression garment so if purchased too small, it may be too tight to wear. Correct sizing is essential for comfort and product effectiveness. Buying a Belly Bandit that is too large will not wear well under clothing and may affect end results. The Belly Bandit is designed with five inches of adjustability to stay tight as you shrink.

Belly Bandit's best selling eco-friendlyBamboo Belly Bandit  is inherently antibacterial; moisture wicking (best for C-section moms!), and three times more durable than cotton.