Dream Sock Duo (Sock + Cam)

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Dream Sock Duo (Sock + Cam)


Smart Monitoring at Your Fingertips. The Owlet Dream Duo is a revolutionary baby monitoring system that allows you to see & hear your baby from anywhere, and provides you with an advanced understanding of your baby’s sleep.

The Dream Duo combines Owlet wearable Dream Sock with the Cam to stream HD 1080p video over WiFi while tracking your baby’s sleep quality indicators like heart rate, oxygen level, wakings, humidity, room temperature, and noise level. These tracked indicators help provide you with an understanding of your baby’s sleep quality and sleep state, so you can help them get the best sleep possible.


  • Leveraging the best of Owlet’s technology, the Dream Duo includes our wearable sleep monitor (Dream Sock) and the Owlet Cam. Our AI synthesizes their data to give you with powerful insights and personalized content within our Dream App. We’ll help you know when and how to help your baby get the sleep they need.
  • The system delivers high-quality audio and video of Baby straight to your device, while also offering sleep insights like heart rate, movement and wakings to help you identify the conditions that encourage your baby's best sleep.
  • The Owlet Cam allows you to stream 1080p HD video privately and securely over a WIFI connection. Auto-adjusting night vision, a wide-angle lens, and 4X zoom gives you a crystal-clear picture of Baby's environment at all times
  • The Dream Sock wraps comfortably around Baby's foot and uses wearable sensor (PPG) technology to accurately collect sleep insights
  • A proprietary multi-factor algorithm uses both Sock with the Cam to stream HD 1080p video over WiFi to determine your baby’s quality of sleep. Within the Dream App, view readings of your baby's length of sleep, wakings, heart rate, movement, as well as enviornmental factors including noise level, humidity and room temperature.
  • The Dream Duo communicates your baby's sleep status to the Owlet Dream App and the included bedside Base Station. Both will let you know when your baby needs your assistance to sleep soundly.
  • Receive in-app prompts when Baby first falls asleep, when they wake from a nap or when they need a "Sleep Assist".
  • If your baby is not sleeping soundly because they may be uncomfortable and need assistance to fall back asleep, you'll receive a "Sleep Assist" push notification to your device, a prompt in the Dream App, and the Base Station will flash lavendar and play music -- so your little one will get back to sleep.
  • Whats Included: Owlet Dream Duo: one Dream Sock sensor, four fabric socks (fitting babies 0-18 months, 5-30 lbs.), wireless charging Base Station, one Owlet Cam, magnetic base, safe wall mounting kit, and access to the Owlet Dream App and sleep learning program.
  • The Owlet Dream Duo has wireless drop-and-go charging that allows you to get an 8-hour charge in under 20 minutes, and a full 16-hour charge in 90 minutes!
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