Black & White Decor Classic Gymini

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Nurture your baby’s development with the Black & White Décor Developmental Gymini. This elegant Gymini engages babies with visual, audio, and tactile stimulation, encouraging the senses, motor development and cognitive skills. With 20 engaging activities and adjustable arches with sliding rings that provide an adaptable environment for playing and bonding. These products are conceived to support babies' growth and development. 


  • Adjustable arches.
  • Double-padded, extra-soft activity mat.
  • Baby-activated musical lion doll plays melodies.
  • Mirror for extended tummy time helps babies strengthen their shoulder and neck muscles in this important position.
  • Natural Wood Trio: 3 gripping rings with rattle and fun satin ribbons that encourage little ones to hit, grasp, hold and pull, fostering motor skills and strengthening muscles.
  • Crinkly peek-a-boo tree with satin ribbons teaches babies about object permanance.
  • Soft plush cloud with satin ribbons offers the perfect motivation for baby to stay longer in tummy time and explore intriguing tactile sensations.
  • Soft black and white take-along book supports babies developing eyesight.

Modes of Use

  • Lying : While on their backs, babies will enjoy the toys hanging on the wooden arch and practice their motor skills.
  • Tummy Time : Engaging the Soft Black & White book will help extend tummy time and encourage gross motor skills.
  • Sit & Play : Once baby is sitting up, she can continue exploring the toys and enjoy their more complex features.
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Age Tips

  • 0+ months: SUPPORTS BONDING & COMMUNICATION Move the adjustable arches to the open position and enjoy quality bonding time with your baby, playing together and connecting while promoting development. Show your little one the different activities, talk about the characters in simple sentences ("Here's Marie the hedgehog!") or just enjoy some precious eye contact.
  • 0-3+ months: STIMULATES THE SENSES The beautiful Black & White Décor Developmental Gymini will engage your baby's senses and inspire them to practice skills from day one. The contrasting design, fun textures and engaging sounds ensure your baby enjoys a wide range of audio, visual and tactile stimulation.
  • 2+ months: PROMOTES TUMMY TIME To prepare your little one for the important milestones ahead, use the engaging activities, textures, and toys to encourage more tummy time, which strengthens neck, shoulder, and back muscles. Draw your baby's attention to the different textures of the crinkly tree toy or let him look at his reflection in the mirror.
  • 3-5+ months: FOSTERS FINE MOTOR SKILLS The Gymini's satin ribbons, plush cloud, crinkly tree flap and other elements enrich baby's tactile experience and help practice grasping and holding, which helps little muscles grow stronger. Let your baby practice eye-hand coordination while lying on his or her back by trying to reach out and touch the crinkly mobile and wooden ring trio.
  • 6+ months: ENCOURAGES COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT As your baby gets older, it's time to explore the Gymini's toys in more sophisticated ways, activating the electronic musical lion, enjoying the peek-a-boo game, etc. This more mature playtime will further your little one's understanding of ideas like cause and effect and object permanence.
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