Twilight Classic Collection

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As cute as it is comforting, the Twilight Classic Collection nightlight projects a complete starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of any room, making night-time a lot less scary and a lot more fun.


  • Transforms nurseries and bedrooms into a starry sanctuary that comforts and calms children
  • Projects a complete starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of any room
  • 45 minute timer ensures complete darkness during your child’s deep sleep, as recommended by pediatricians
  • Three soothing color options blue, green and amber to create magical, tranquil environments
  • Option to automatically morph through all 3 colors
What's included:
  • Twilight Ladybug
  • Constellation Star Guide helps you point out the “Dippers” and “Ursa’s” twinkling above you
  • 3 "AAA" batteries (Batteries not included)
  1. Great Night Light
    This night light is loved by my children and a great bedtime buddy/night light. I like that it turns off so that they can sleep in the dark most of the night. And a great feature is that it stays in bed with them and is easily accessible. If my child wakes in the night he will sometimes just turn his nightlight on and go back to sleep. One downside is if the batteries happen to die in the middle of the night, and he wakes, I end up with an upset and angry little one and I am up changing batteries in the middle of the night.

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