Snuffy First Light

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Snuffy First Light

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A night light in the shape of Snuffy the dog, it's impossible not to love her. You may know this adorable and adventurous creature from the Miffy storybooks as once written by Dick Bruna.

Now, Mr Maria has turned her into a 23 centimeter nightlight. For all parents bedtime can be a bit of a challenge, luckily this little companion will keep your little one safe and happy. The high quality silicone night light can shine all night on nightmode and is USB rechargeable. Snuffy the night light is portable and can be used wherever you need.

At a sleepover, on a holiday or just right at home; Snuffy is there to keep your little one company while they dream safe and sound.

The Snuffy night light is 23 centimeter tall and has a dimmable LED module. Turn on the light with the on / off switch on the bottom of the lamp. There you will also find the dimming button, with which you can select the perfect light intensity. The night light can be dimmed in 6 steps,, including a special night mode.

Use only a certified DC5V USB adapter with max. 2A

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Material: Soft Silicone, BPA-free

Made in China

Dimensions: 15x15x30cm