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A world’s first in the sleep world; traveller™ ain’t just a one trick pony, ‘cos it offers a completely new & unique 4-in-1 solution from newborn right up to toddler years – for use at home or away, indoors or outdoors; for sleep or play, every day!

This amazing 4-in-1 portacot can be used as a standalone newborn bassinet, a sleeping bed for toddler, as a cool playpen during the day; & now has the ability for you to have your newborn nestled right next to you safely – snug-to-bed, up close & personal!

Ridiculously light and globally certified, our portacot traveller™ can come & go as you please, future proofing all the sleeping arrangements for your kiddo for so many years – talk about next level when it comes to value for money! Perfectly suited to parents, grandparents and caregivers.

So whatcha waiting for? adapt&survive® with traveller™!


  • Newborn & toddler
  • Sleep & play
  • Home & away
  • Near & afar, globally certified for safe travel around the world
  • Indoors & outdoors
  • Light & compact weighing in at 11lbs!
  • Newborn ready – as a snug-to-bed bassinet & stand-alone bassinet
  • Toddler ready – as a toddler bed
  • Toddler ready – as a playpen
  • Packs compactly into its own carry bag resembling a rolled up yoga mat – perfect for car boots & suitcases
  • Assemble in under 2 minutes!
  • Super lightweight with mesh fabric & aluminum frame
  • Self-inflating & thermally insulated mattress
  • 2-in-1 mattress for use in bassinet & cot
  • Firmness approved to reduce the risk of SUDI/SIDS
  • 2-in-1 (pillow case style) sheet included for bassinet and toddler travel cot
  • Made with OEKO-TEX® certified fabric on top (chew!) rail, and sheets
  • Slip-on design that fits perfectly with no loose fabric to worry about
  • Mesh sides for visibility at all times & full breathability
  • Unique zipped side you can open as a fun playpen or close up for sleep
  • Globally certified to be used ANYWHERE
  • Keep bugs & rays with the mesh cover accessory* (sold separately)
  • Spare bedsheets available (sold separately)

Modes of Use

  • Mode #1 up close & personal with ya new bub: With the included bassinet fabric and safety straps, you can adapt our traveller™ cot into a safe snug-to-bed option; allowing you to have your bub within reach, & visible at all times. . In line with the latest safety requirements; sleeping in close proximity strengthens the emotional bond between you & bub, while making those nighttime feedings quick & easy, so everyone can get back to sleep faster
  • Mode # 2 keepin' ‘em close day & night: Using the same bassinet fabric (but without the bed securing traps and the sides up!), traveller™ is a fantastic independent & portable bassinet for your newborn. & 'cos traveller™ is soooooooo uber light, you can move it around your house wherever you are to keep ya bub close while you go about your day.
  • Mode # 3 sleep time made easy: As your toddler becomes more independent, they often begin to fight sleep, & nap time can become a lil tricky – particularly when you’re travelling! So make sleep something to look forward to with traveller™ using the travel cot fabric set! With its floor level bed, mesh sides and contained space, your kiddo is gonna feel like every night is camp night! & cos it’s so incredibly light and easy to assemble, you can take it on holiday with you, which is super convenient as your kiddo will be familiar with their safe&comfortable space & get the rest they need, wherever they are. Whether in the garden with a gentle breeze, in the living room with familiar sounds, in your home office with the white noise of typing on the keyboard... our portable cot traveller™ takes care of ya kiddo, everywhere!
  • Mode # 4 playtime, anytime:When ya kiddo needs a contained place to play, or when you just wanna satisfy your or your tot’s desire to build forts, traveller™ is ready to entertain! With its unique zip side, your kiddo can go in&out as they please and let their imagination run wild! traveller™ is a playmate for years to come, and who knows? Your child might get exhausted playing & fall asleep on the spot #winwin. OR another cool option is that traveller™ makes an awesome toy storage solution!
  • AGE RANGE: 0 – 4 years *age reference as a guide only, Canada standard says ‘Do not use this crib for a child who can climb out of it or who is taller than 90cm’. And ‘Do not use this cradle [bassinet] for a child who can push up on-to their hands and knees’. For Canada standard says ‘Do not use this bassinet for a child who can roll over’.
    • All modes in travel bag: 5kg / 11.5lbs
    • Cot mode in travel bag: 3.5kg / 7.5lbs, bassinet mode in travel bag: 4kg / 8.5lbs, bedside mode in travel bag: 4kg / 9.5lbs
  • FOLDED DIMENSIONS: All modes in travel bag: 68 x 22 x 22cm / 27” x 7” x 7”
    • Bedside bassinet: 130 x 77 x 63cm / 51” x 30” x 25”
    • Cot & bassinet: 113 x 90 x 63cm / 44” x 35” x 25”
    • Sleep space: bassinet / bedside co-sleeper 70 x 45cm / 28” x 18”; cot 92 x 70cm / 36” x 28”
  • FABRIC: OEKO-TEX matte nylon ripstop, and sheets
    • Cot / crib / play pen: EN 716-1:2017 (EU), ASTM F406-19 16CFR1221 (USA/CAN), CPN4 of 2008 AS/NZS 2195-10+A2:2015 (AU/NZ), SOR/2016152
    • Bassinet: EN 1130-2019 (EU), ASTM F2194-16e1 CFR Part1218 (USA/CAN), CPN4 of 2008 (AUS/NZ), SOR/2016-152
    • Bedside co-sleeper: EN 1130-2019 (EU), ASTM F2194-16e1 ASTM F2906-13 (2019) (USA/CAN), CPN4 of 2008 (AUS/NZ), SOR/2016-152
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